How To Establish A Fund



  1. Contact the Rhinelander Community Foundation. Please feel free to contact the Foundation anytime you have questions pertaining to setting up a fund. The Foundation will work with you to ensure your charitable giving goals are met.
  2. Determine your charitable goals. Think about the charitable causes important to you. The Community Foundation has funds that address a broad range of charitable needs. Bring any and all of your ideas to the table.
  3. Decide when to give. You can create your fund now or later based on how giving fits into your charitable goals. Interested in giving in the future? Ask about our planned giving options and Legacy Circle.
  4. Consult your Financial or Legal Adviser. Since your professional adviser is most familiar with your personal and financial circumstances, he or she can provide the legal and tax guidance needed to ensure the donor receives the maximum benefits of giving while maintaining future financial security.
  5. Choose a fund type. The Community Foundation offers a variety of funds to meet your philanthropic goals. Our staff will help you decide which type of fund best matches your interests. (See Types of Funds)
  6. Choose what to give. The Community Foundation accepts a wide array of giving options allowing you to choose what best fits your needs.
  7. Choose a name. Funds can be named for the donor, the donor’s family, or as an honor or memorial to someone special. If you prefer anonymity, you may choose a generic name or perhaps one that reflects the fund’s charitable purposes.
  8. Sign a fund agreement. The final step in creating a fund is signing the agreement. Once your assets are received and approved by the Board of Directors, the fund is established.