Giving has a ripple effect. We recognize the generosity of the following Rhinelander Community Foundation donors who have made an impact in our community.



James Cleary Foundation

George and Sondra Juetten

Virginia Richards Schwerin



Randy Grobe and Pam Murphy

Bob and June Heck

Dr. Gina and David Heck

Mike and Karen Knetter

Rick and Patricia Marquardt



Associated Bank

Heck Capital Advisors

Dr. Mike and Julie Henry

Bill and Sue Makris

Nancy Nebgen

Nicolet Bank

Northland CPAs

The O’Melia Foundation – established by Thomas and Appleton O’Melia

George and Regina Richards

Helen O Skipper

Dr. Lee Swank

Dr. Judy Pagano and Robert Thoms



The Emily and Joseph Bodensteiner Fund

Eye Clinic of Wisconsin

Hildebrand Funeral Home

Patricia A. Juday

Lights of the Northwoods

Rebecca Trembath and Mark Nienstaedt

Mary Pautz


Robert and Margaret Abel

Ahlstrom-Munksjo NA Specialty Solutions, LLC

AirPro Fan and Blower Company

Meredyth Albright

Glenn and Sandra Anderson

Susan Appell

Robert Aylesworth

WM Backer

Denise Balgaard

Jane Banning and Ricky Kelley

Mike and Lynn Barber

Bill and Tracey Barnes

James Barnes

John Bassette

William Bath

Marty Belleba

Charlotte Bendickson

Jean Berger

Terry and Dawn Berndt

William Bethke

Dr. James Binder

Jim and Mary Bloch

Michael Bloom

Ron Bosi

Bradley Chiropractic Clinic

Charles Brendel and Sarah Krueger

Paul Breuer

Dori Brown

Dave and Trish Burbie

Cynthia Burns

Mary L Burns

Bruce Butzlaff

Camp Ground Coffee LLC

Eric Carlson

Karrie Caselton

Jean Chapman

Jeffrey Cheney

Mike Cheslock

Robert Chester

Cirilli Law Offices

Tony and Anne Cirilli

Jacqualyne Cody

Heather Collins

Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin

Judith Conlin

Gerald Connolly

Brian Connor

Conrad Connor

Richard Connor

Susan Connor

Ethel Craig

Helen Creglow

Katherine Crumley

Karen and Barton Culbertson

Jeanette Cummings

Sharon Cutler

Clifford and Carole Dahl

Bryan Dahlin

Mary Dalee

Mel and Linda Davidson

Bruce Defnet

Diane and Roland Degrand

Caren Dehart

Steve and Mary DeNamur

Mary Devine

Diane’s Frame Shoppe

Diel Insurance

Nina Donnelley

Door County Community Foundation

Shane and Jennifer Dornfeld

Dr. James and Kathleen Dyreby

John Dziadosz

John Emmerling

John and Nancy Federle

Kathy Ferguson

MAJ Douglas and Kathleen Ferrel

Gail Fitzgerald

Martha Fitzgerald

Mary Fortier

First Weber Foundation

Eugene and Barbara Frane

Chadd Frank

Thomas and Cynthia Frank

Bruce Frasier

Donna French

GFWC Rhinelander Women’s Club

Dale and Elaine Gaber

Drs. Ron and Elsie Gaber

Patrick Galvin

Paul Gassner

Rita Gassner

Susan and Gary Gee

Bruce and Carol Ginzl

Linda Goldsworthy

Cindy Goll

Elizabeth Gonia

Greater Green Bay Community Foundation

Darrin and Tara Gremban

Jan and Keith Gretenhart

Craig and Lori Grinde

Clara Groskopf

Laurie Groskopf

Maribeth and Carl Hamm

David and Nancy Hansen

Guy and Carole Hansen

Michael Hansen

James and Diane Hardy

Leo Harf

Mayor Kris Hanus, City of Rhinelander

Virginia Harrigan

Michael and Patricia Harvey

Kathleen Hasal

Anne Hase

Lori and Tony Haug

Mike and Cathie Hauser

Dave and Linda Havel

James and Mary Beth Havel

Ralph Havel

Health In Motion

Gaylon Heise

Steven Heling

Stephen Herman

Dennis Hermann

Jeffrey Herrett and Nancy Richmond

Peter Hessesrt

Stephen Hodgson

Jeffrey and Esther Hoffman

Hogan & Melms Law Office

Julie and David Holperin

Elizabeth Hosch

Thomas Houg

Laura Howell

Mason Hughes

Konnie Hunter


Steven and Polly James

Janet & Brad Jamison

Steven Jensen

Daniel Jesse

Mary Jesse

Dale Johnson

Darlene Johnson

James Johnson

Peggy A Johnson

Todd Johnson

Chad Kane

Joy and Thomas Kealey Foundation

Edward Kelly

Kevin Kennedy

Kerber Rose S.C.

Brian Kief

John Kief

Mary Ann Kipper

Robert Kitzman

Karen Knoell

Jon and Susan Koch

Catherine Koerpel

Kevin and Jolene Kopplin

Kay Kostka

Kenneth Kowall

Bill and Jane Kowieski

Jeff and Sue Ellen Kowieski

Robert Krause

Kress Enterprises

Linda Kruzela

Dale Lang

Marlette Larsen

Richard Larson

Melinda LaVoy

Lee’s Painting Service

Peter and Ellen Leich

Jeff and Nancy Levanetz

John Lhost

Charles Lulloff

Dr. and Mrs. Danny and Kathy Lundberg

Julie Martin

Richard Martin

Ronald Mathews

Mary McCarren

Sylvia McDonald

Kathy & Mike McDonough

Todd McEldowney Memorial

Dennis McGill

Larry McKitrick

Kathleen McPartlin

Robert and Pam McVety

Nicki Meyer

Rosemary Miano

Jim and Jean Miazga

Wayne Michael

Steve and Kris Michlig

Robert and Georgia Mielke

Sherry Minnick

Judy and Randy Mixis

Modes, Machines and More, LLC

Kerrie Moran

Linda Mueller

Gary Mulvey

Charlene Nemec

Network for Good

Nicolet National Bank

Richard and Beverly Nofftz

Dr. Leo and Marilyn Norden

Robert Nussbaum

Tom O’Malley

Maureen O’Melia

O’Melia, Schiek & McEldowney, SC

John Olson

Scott Opsal

Brenda and Kevin O’Rourke

Rosemary and Jeffrey Otto

Drs. William and Mary Padgett

Elizabeth Patric

Laura and Curtis Peck

David and Mary Peterson

Gary and Pat Peterson

Pickleball Group

Barbara Plouff

Gary and Beth Poast

Barbara Pratt

Rebecca Priebe

Michael Prosser

Laura Putnam

Michelle Pyrchalla

Timothy Quinn

Gary Ratts

Redman Realty Group

Matthew Reder

Kirk Reese

Julie Reichert

Benjamin Reigle

Dorothea Reis

Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce

Rhinelander Dental LLC

Rhinelander Flying Service

Rhinelander Rotary Club

Jeanette Richards

Robin Richardson

Tony and Debbie Rinaldi

Tom Riordan and Mary Kathryn

William Robichaud

Michael Robie

Jane Roe

Bruce Roehl

Mike and Mary Romportl

James and Karla Rosenberg

Wanda Ross

Mary Rudis

David Rumsey

William and Rita Sattler

Vernon and Rosemary Schaller

Schiek Consulting, LLC

John and Kathy Schiek

Errol and Barbara Schmelling

Darrell and Nancy Schmidt

Kenneth and Kerri Schmidt

Christy Schneider

Steve Schreier

Robert Schueler

Barbara Scott

Jerome Seaman

Tim and Lou Anne Sexton

Roger Shandley

Barbara Sheldon

James Sherman

Jacquelin Shihadeh

Connor Showalter

Dr. and Mrs. Gurkipal Sikka

Marion Simon

Skagen Inc.

Drs Harry and Dorothy Skye

Dale Smith

Kathleen and Charles Smith

Nancy Sommer

Sonnentag Foundation, LTD

Herman Sorgatz

Amy E Spencer

Russell Stains

Robin and Angie Stafford

George and Theresa Stangel

Pattie Stebbins

Marilyn Steele

Christina Stephenson

Marilyn Storm

Roxie Strand

Timothy Strasser

Kristine Stroede

Robert Swearingen

Rosalie and Benjamin Sword

Jane Tait

Brad and Fran Taylor

Keene Taylor

Shane and Karen Teter

Thomas Theilig

Thousand Island Lake Resort,LLC

Jeffrey Tracy

Hunter Tromp

Carla Troup

Mary Ellen Troup

United Way of Dane County

U.S.W. Union Local #2-15

Jerry and Tara Vandenberg

Peter and Amy Vanney

Robert Vig

Mary Ellen Vilcek

John and Elaine Viste

Zach Vruwink


Linda Ware

Michael Wayne

Jacob and Laura Weinand

Richard Weiss

Welch Companies, LLC

Richard Wells

Carol and Louis Wilhelm

Timothy and Mary Ellen Wanish

Gale Wilcox

Charles Wilmot

Kenneth Winnicki

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Wisconsin Public Service Foundation

Lawrence Wokatsch

William and Mary Wright

JoAnn Young-Beauchamp

Keith Young

Kathleen Zastrow

In Honor of:

Maria Heck

George Juetten

Robert and Judy Thoms

In Memory of:

Joncurtis Bailey

Jerry Havel

Bob Heck

Ann O’Melia

Eva Wilhelm


Historic Davenport House

Big Daddy’s

The Brick


Hodag Steakhouse

Rocky’s Roadhouse

CT’s Deli

Rhinelander Café and Pub