Established Funds


The following funds were created by the Rhinelander Community Foundation to provide donors with the opportunity to support the general charitable needs of the community as well as local non-profit organizations and the charitable purposes they support.

Rhinelander Community Foundation Permanent Endowment Fund

The income from this fund provides support to assist the charitable mission of the Foundation.

Rhinelander Community Foundation Community Impact Fund

Offers the ability to support programs and projects with grantmaking impacting the Rhinelander community.

Rhinelander Community Foundation Non-Profit Support Fund

Provides a secure source of funds for grants to area Charitable (501c3) organizations.


The following funds were established by donors and are managed by the Rhinelander Community Foundation

Hodag Park Improvement Fund

Established with a generous donation from the James E. Cleary Foundation, this restricted fund will be used for the benefit of improving beautiful Hodag Park on the shores of Boom Lake. The Cleary Foundation was established in 2004 with the intention of helping revitalize the community and supporting Rhinelander youth.

ArtStart Primary Fund

Provides endowed support for the purpose and mission of the arts organization which is to inspire, challenge and educate through cultural events and highly-distinctive curated visual arts exhibitions with the purpose of strengthening and sustaining the Rhinelander community.

Friends of the Park Fund (non-endowed)

Provides for general improvement of Rhinelander Area Parks.

Rhinelander Youth Project Fund

This is a non-endowed fund providing grants that meet the spirit of youth driven programs, projects, and initiatives, ages kindergarten through high school. (excludes scholarships)

Pioneer Park Historical Complex Fund (non-endowed)

This is a non-endowed fund established within the Rhinelander Community Foundation to preserve our area’s treasured history by allowing donors to financially assist the Pioneer Park Historical Complex with special projects.

Friends of Rhinelander Area Food Pantry Endowment

Provides endowed support for the general purposes and mission of the Rhinelander Area Food Pantry.

Gaber Family Endowment-Paper Mill Historical Exhibit

Provides endowed support to develop, expand, and preserve a dedicated museum exhibit area at Pioneer Park Historical Complex, depicting the history of the local paper mill and its contributions to Rhinelander and the surrounding community.

Taylor-Rhinelander Centennial Endowment Fund

This fund supports the celebration and recognition each 50th anniversary of Rhinelander’s founding in 1882.

Rhinelander PIE Fund

This fund provides endowed support for the purpose and mission of the Rhinelander Partners in Education (PIE) organization which is to create a business, education and community partnership that engages students in enriched learning opportunities so all students are successful with 21st century skills.

Bruce and Jean Ann Wendt Endowment

This fund provides support for general needs of the community, specific to children.

Taylor-RCF Support Fund

This fund provides endowed support for budgeted administrative expenses at the Rhinelander Community Foundation as determined by the Board of Directors.

Rhinelander Cultural Arts Fund

A non-endowed fund in support of cultural arts organizations and activities including but not limited to music, theater, painting, dance, sculpture, ceramics, creative writing, photography, and film.

Rhinelander Urban Forestry Fund

A non-endowed fund with the purpose of carrying out the City of Rhinelander’s Urban Forestry program including, but not limited to, education, reforestation of the urban forest, disease management, and disaster/severe storm response.

Ron and Elsie Gaber Grants for Greater Good Endowment Fund

The purpose of the endowment fund is to financially support and encourage extraordinary, impressive, and significant community activities that are beneficial, desirable, and valuable to the Rhinelander community, achieved through projects, events, and education by joint partnerships and sponsorships among clubs, organizations, and agencies.