RCF awards more than $134,000 in grants in 2019

The Rhinelander Community Foundation (RCF) extended grants totaling more than $134,000 in 2019, Foundation president Gina Heck announced in a press release.

“2019 was the inaugural year for granting from the Foundation’s Permanent Endowment Fund,” the release states. “RCF supported 11 local community organizations through a competitive grant application process, awarding over $22,000 to help fund important works in our area. Endowment grant money available was supplemented by non-endowed funds established during the Founder’s Circle campaign including the Community Impact Fund and the Non-profit Support Fund. Grants were awarded at a celebration in July held at Tilly’s, newly opened by Rhinelander Community Foundation Founders downtown Brown Street.”

In 2020, the competitive application process will be open Feb. 1 through the 29th. Applicant organizations must be 501c(3) charities, governmental units, schools, or religious institutions providing programs and projects benefitting the public at large. Applications are available on the RCF website.

Granting through established customized funds was highlighted by gifts to the Hodag Schools Foundation totaling $106,800 for the dome and sport complex at the high school, the release states.

“RCF is pleased to announce the Rhinelander Community Foundation Permanent Endowment is now valued at over $170,000 and growing,” the release states. “The goal is to grow it to $1,000,000, allowing granting of $50,000 annually in our community forever. In 2020, unrestricted gifts will be allocated as 60% Permanent Endowment, 35% Community Impact and 5% operations. RCF continues to operate thinly as a volunteer organization in order to provide as much granting as possible. By using a combination of endowed and non-endowed funds, RCF has been able to accomplish the objective of contributing to the area through impactful grants in the short term with establishing a permanent source of financial support for future progress in the Rhinelander area through endowment. Interested donors are able to customize their giving by choosing to develop a fund type that works best for their charitable goals. Funds can be restricted to provide permanent granting support to a chosen qualified organization or charitable area of interest. Once established, other like-minded individuals can contribute. Established funds can also be named honoring a family name, loved one or remain anonymous benefitting a charitable cause of choice, or more generally the unknown needs of tomorrow in the Rhinelander area.”

RCF’s goal is to provide lasting support for progress now and forever for organizations doing impactful work in our area, the release states. Donations are welcome at any level and will contribute to the investment pool supporting our community.

RCF Grants

The following grants were made possible through designated gifts through established customized funds:

Art Start, $1,655 – agency grant

YMCA, $1,000 – designated gift

Oneida County Humane Society, $856 – Rhinelander Animal Shelter

Lions Club, $856 – Lights of the Northwoods

Hodag Schools Foundation, $106,800 – dome and sports complex

Northwoods Nordic Ski Club, $480 – tracksetter fund

WXPR, $400 – programming

The following were made through the competitive grant process:

Rhinelander Area Food pantry, backpack program for kids – $2,500

NATH, safety improvements – $2,500

Lions Club, Lights of the Northwoods – $3,000

Art Start, Project North – $5,000

WXPR Concert series at Nicolet – $3,000

Rhinelander District Library, travel literary material – $1,500

Boy Scouts of America, co-ed youth STEM program – $1,250

Community Band, audience appreciation concert – $600

Personal Essential Pantry, personal essential supplies – $1,000

Marshfield Health System, well child visit children’s book – $500

NAMI mental health drop-in service – $1,500


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